Traveler Surf Club

Traveler Surf Club

Traveler Surf Club


Being based in the southeast we always enjoy an opportunity to head west for projects. Having recently finished a spot for Facebook at their Menlo Park HQ, we called up our good friend Matt Underwood to see if he was available. Being an LA-based director, he grabbed a flight to San Francisco and we took off with a small crew and camera package to Pacifica, CA.

Earlier that summer we had connected to Traveler through some SF-based friends. Launched with the goal of being a surf club that builds community, we quickly built a treatment around a film that would give visuals to the recreation, reflection, and rest they offer. Couldn’t be more proud of the team behind this film.

Production Co: Oust
Director: Matt Underwood
DP: Carson Nyquist
Editor: Zach Pritchard
Color: Parker Jarvie
Camera: ARRI Amira + RED Dragon
Lenses: Kowa Anamorphics